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About Manurack.2

Manurack pallets have a double purpose – they can replace ordinary transport pallets (euro pallets), and after installing 4 tubes, you can construct storage racks (without the need to reload the goods stored on them). The presented system is fully tested and widely used in Western Europe.

“Manurack” warehouse and transport pallets are a modern and in many respects a better replacement for traditional euro pallets and storage racks. The “Manurack” pallet system improves warehouse operations and this translates into savings and, consequently, the company achieves higher profits.

Supporting tubes

Available lengths of support tubes:
1050, 1340, 1680 i 2100 mm.
Other lengths are available on request.

Major advantages of the Manurack pallet:

  • durability when compared to other types of pallets
  • effective use of warehouse space
  • better organisation of the warehouse (easy to carry, assemble and disassemble)
  • the possibility of storing non-standard goods
  • adaptable to any type of storage of cargo, both in terms of weight and volume
  • easy inventory control
  • goods of a given storage unit can be stored in the same row according to both LIFO / FIFO principles
  • few corridors required (maximum use of space)
  • easy order picking
  • ideal for homogeneous products (with a large number of pallets per storage unit)
  • a different storage unit can be stored on any level

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We produce:

car shelters, bicycle shelters, bicycle repair stations, bus shelters, garbage cans, smoking shelters, manurack (metal pallets), various roofs, railings, traditional and multi-level bicycle racks, self-service car washes, elements of urban architecture (benches, flower pots).


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