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SAWO is a leading manufacturer and exporter of metal products operating in the market since 1985. We manufacture products from the highest quality steel supplied from proven and qualified suppliers that meet strict quality requirements. Steel is protected against corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing, thanks to which our products are solid, durable, resistant to damage and weather conditions.

Our machine park is modern and innovative, thanks to which our products are made accurately and reliably. The use of CNC numerically controlled machines and welding robots ensures speed and precision of production, which allows for the execution of orders at the highest level.

We are constantly investing in the purchase of modern technologies and expanding our machine park, striving to meet the expectations of our customers.

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on the market since 1985

38 years of experience in the industry

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For many years, SAWO has specialized in the design and production of various steel structures. Many years of experience and our own design office, allowed us, to offer high quality products to the European and Polish market. As an innovative and dynamically developing company, we constantly strive to expand our machine park, thanks to which we are able to reliably and service every order. To create our products, we use modern numerically controlled CNC machines and welding robots.

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Efficiency and accuracy provided by CNC controlled machines and welding robots. Controlling on every stage of manufacturing.

We produce:

car shelters, bicycle shelters, bicycle repair stations, bus shelters, garbage cans, smoking shelters, manurack (metal pallets), various roofs, railings, traditional and multi-level bicycle racks, self-service car washes, elements of urban architecture (benches, flower pots).


(+48) 507-371-935


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